Month: September 2018

Tips For Gentle Natural Acne Treatment

Puberty is a period of great change for both you and your body and applying gentle natural acne treatment is very important. What you need to understand is that during this period the hormones in your body go crazy and everything is quite messed up. It is a period of transition and, like every period alike, there’s a lot of uncertainty going on.

The condition cannot be cured. It either passes on itself or it doesn’t. But no one has to live with acne or to accept it. There are numerous options that can help you keep your condition under control.

Here are some examples of gentle natural acne treatment:

Tea Tree Oil – the oil has anti-bacterial properties. It can be applied directly on the painful area, respectively on acne lesions.

Attention to Diet – not as much a treatment as an advice. Many people claim that diet has nothing to do with acne, but this is not true. Try to find out what your body lacks and what it produces in excess. What are the vitamins it needs? What kind of foods favors acne development? Create a healthy diet for you and your body, one that will help you in your fight against this unpleasant condition. The advice is the most gentle and natural acne treatment one could follow.

Zinc – just like sulphur, zinc is another natural remedy that reduces acne inflammations. Zinc is a mineral that’s found in foods such as oysters, poultry, beans, whole grains, red meat, and fortified cereals. Zinc is also available as a nutritional supplement.

Herbs – fenugreek leaves, chaste berry, yellow dock, red clover, burdock or several Chinese herbs can make wonders in treating acne. They are also mild with the skin, being a gentle natural treatment for acne.

Honey and cinnamon face cream – make a paste from these two elements and apply it on your face. Let it work over night and wash with warm water in the morning. Honey is well known as a gentle, natural acne treatment and cinnamon helps increase its success.

Fresh mint juice – refreshing and not only that! Mint is good for treating acne as it is for refreshing you during a hot summer day.

Consider your type of skin before starting your treatment

Generally, natural treatments are good for all types of skin, but in some cases it would be better to know what kind of complexity you have so that you can apply a more effective treatment. There are five main skin types:

Dry Skin – if your skin feels dry and itchy and it has a dull appearance, then you fit in this category. The best gentle, natural acne treatment is grains.

Oily Skin – the skin has a greasy appearance because glands produce too much sebum. To reduce sebum levels, try fresh mint juice and a face mask made from oatmeal.

Sensitive Skin – this type can be oily, dry or normal, but it differentiates from other types due to its delicacy. The skin is easily irritable, so the best treatment is to avoid dusty places and to apply treatments that help reduce the stress, such as infusions of chamomile tea.

Normal Skin – this type of skin should not raise any acne-related problems. However, if they occur, the range of treatments is wide. Make sure to apply gentle, natural acne treatment if you have normal skin. It is as important for this type of skin as it is for any other types.

Combination Skin – this type is a mixture between oily and dry skin. Apply treatment accordingly.

We have seen that treating acne depends on the type of skin you have. According to this, there is a wide range of gentle, natural acne treatments available.

Tips for Handling Anxiety

We are living at a very fast pace with lots to do and little time for recreation or relaxation. We have portable computers and mobile cell phones that we carry around our waists all the time so that we are available 24/7 to our bosses and family members. It almost seems as if we have forgotten how to disconnect from the modern world and this increases our chances of feeling stressed out or experiencing anxiety. The frequency of anxiety-based issues is becoming more frequent.

The demands of our modern life styles push us to do more instead of less and we tend to increase the complexity of our lives rather than to simplify them. When you feel overwhelmed, hopeless and tired it is important that you are able to seek the assistance of a professional to help you recognize the symptoms of anxiety and know if you really are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks.

Here are some simple tips for dealing with anxiety. However, these do not replace professional help. The most common tips for handling anxiety are:

• Seek advice: This is the most important tip. Talk to a friend or loved one about how you feel. Sometimes we need to get things off of our chests and feel heard and understood. Talk to a trusted friend, doctor or family member about how you feel and what you are experiencing.

• Exercise: When we exercise we release endorphins, the “feel good” hormones that reduce pain, anxiety and depression. Go for a walk, join a fitness club or just stretch. These activities will help you feel better emotionally and physically.

• Yoga: Yoga is known as a great method for relaxation. Yoga can be as gentle as you want or as energetic or dynamic. Make the practice yours and make sure it fits your lifestyle. Join a yoga club or watch yoga videos online if you feel overly conscious about the poses.

• Meditation: The purpose of meditation is to take your mind to a pleasant place, some people meditate on their breathing, others meditate on words (mantras), while others just follow the flow of their thoughts without getting caught up in their own inner dialogue. However you decide to do it, meditation provides relief from our congested mental thoughts so we are able to view situations from a different perspective. There are almost unlimited resources for meditation styles from breathing, mystical meditation, insight meditation and other forms from different spiritual traditions.

• Mental programming: Listen to positive meditation Cd’s or audios. Watch or listen to motivational speakers or life coaches. Find a mentor or positive role in your life.

• Massage: How often do you pamper yourself? You don’t need to have physical pain or soreness to get the extra benefits of a professional massage. If you can’t afford one, ask your spouse or partner to give you one; or even better, offer to exchange massages… you rub my back and I’ll rub yours. Massage releases happy hormones and relaxes you wonderfully.

• Acupuncture: Ancient Chinese medicine modalities like acupuncture or acupressure can help you release energetic blockages in your body and get all your meridians working harmoniously. Find a professional, licensed acupuncturist.

• Reflexology: This technique also will help you relax and if you learn how to do it you can give yourself foot or hand reflexology massages. Reflexologists believe that the pressure points on our palms and feet are associated with different organs and mental states like anxiety. Get a good instructional video or book… this is a wonderful self-help technique.

• Nutrition: Maybe it is time to make some adjustments in your diet. Are you consuming too many caffeinated products, or products that are over processed with little nutritional value. Eliminate excessive sugar from your diet because sugar, like caffeine, can cause you to be jittery and overly hyper. Reduce the amount of heavy animal products in your meals. You might ask a dietician or professional nutritionist to assist you with your new dietary goals. The benefits will double if you consistently observe a healthy diet and combine it with exercise

• Guided relaxation techniques: These techniques will help you to achieve peace and a relaxed state. Relaxation therapy uses guided imagery, positive affirmations and subliminal messages to help you achieve a mental balance. By using positive visualization and progressive muscle relaxation you will be able to relax. Seek the assistance of a professional hypnotherapist or relaxation therapist or purchase an audio or CD produced by a certified hypnotist or relaxation therapist.

• Counseling: This is the golden tip that I highly recommend. Counseling is the best way to deal with long-term anxiety and to get you out of a dark hole if you find yourself trapped in one. Always seek the assistance of a licensed professional counselor or psychologist. I usually recommend counseling along with some of the above tips to double the benefits and achieve peace of mind and wellness.

All these techniques have, as their purpose, relaxation and stress reduction. They will help you achieve peace and tranquility and deal with the symptoms of anxiety. For most people relaxation exercises are the easiest to use to reduce anxiety. One of the most common tips is to listen to audio CDs and MP3s customized with your particular needs in mind.

4 Top Tips to Choose the Right Weight Loss Supplement For Women

The best weight loss for women would be probably to take supplements. But a lot of women do not know how to choose the right supplement. There are a lot of companies which offer supplements. Sometimes these work, sometimes these don’t.

Some might have side effects while the others are 100% natural and hence risk free. As a busy woman, it is important to know the criteria by which to choose the right supplements for women.

Your Goals

Why do you need the supplements in the first case? Is it for woman weight loss plan or to substantiate the lack of essential nutrients in your system? The choice of supplements will depend largely upon this criterion.

Some women want to increase their metabolism rate while others might simply want to consume less fat. Clearing out your goals in the very initial days will help you to determine exactly what supplement suits you the best.

Natural Supplements- The best choice

The best weight loss for women is to go for natural supplements. Artificial supplements have chemicals in them which can lead to side effects. One main reason of getting natural supplements is that they are not prone to causing side effects.

Also since they are natural so they work more effectively. Natural supplements consist of the select kinds of herbs or ingredients like acai berry, hoodia, red pepper, green tea and soy.

Reputed Brand

Another criterion while selecting woman weight loss supplements is to go for reputed brands. Reputed companies have usually been in the business for quite some time and they are trustworthy. Their products are safe as well as proven. Want to go for a cheap product? Be careful. This is about your health.

It is not wise to go for a product simply because it is less costly. Go through the literature that is present on the package of the product you buy. Always do some research on the ingredients used in a product. Also look for certification from a reputed research organization.

Another important thing you have to keep in mind while choosing supplements for woman weight loss is the contact number of the company. Keep in mind that the company’s contact number is clearly visible on the product package. There should also be a clear listing of the telephone number.

Consult your Doctor

This is another important criterion you need to consider before choosing a weight loss supplement. Certain supplements are not good for your health if you have specific medical conditions. The doctor is the best person to guide you in such cases.

Even if you have done your homework on the products, always consult a doctor. They will also be able to tell you if there are any chances of special side effects from the best weight loss for women- that is diet supplements.